Intelligent Personalization Platform for Retail


The retail industry's fully personalized recommendation engine


Personalized Shopping Experience

Shopping for clothes is a deeply personal experience. Shoppers start out hoping to find something that looks fantastic, fits perfectly, feels incredible on them and makes them feel incredible. And yet, today's shopping experience leaves shoppers frustrated due to a lack of personalization.

Too Many Options Too Few Conversions

LookFitFeel's software as a service helps apparel retailers create a better shopping experience. Instead of presenting shoppers with hundreds of options, we'll help you immediately present the most relevant brands and styles for each shopper based on their size and shape. 



Better Data Better Decisions

Shoppers need batter data to make informed purchasing decisions. Product photos and reviews are only helpful if they are relevant to the shopper's size and shape. LookFitFeel will help you gather and deliver the right data to assist the shopper in their buying decision.

A recent survey shows that 88% of shoppers say customer testimonials are as important as a personal recommendation. Delivering the right testimonial and reviews to the shopper will help drive conversions while decreasing return rates!


How it Works


Product Overview

LookFitFeel offers an end to end solution to help retailers' manage and deliver relevant data to their shoppers. We'll help you deliver key information to your customers to drive quality conversions and fewer returns.


Review Management

Make your reviews relevant. Shoppers need to know how the apparel fits in the important areas - shoulders, chest, hips, waist, length. They also want to know how the fabric feels. Is the fabric stretchy or heavy or soft? And if there are photos from the reviewers, LookFitFeel combines all this data and delivers it to you in a JSON file so that you can integrate it with your e-commerce system.


Personalization Algorithm

Data is only relevant in the right context. For apparel, it's all about the shopper's size and shape. LookFitFeel's personalization algorithm makes sure that your shopper gets the right products and data to assist in their buying decision.


Simple Integration

Integration between your website and LookFitFeel's recommendation engine is quick and easy. Access to our web service is a simple REST API call. We'll return a JSON file with all the relevant data. Your shopper's will be able to find the their best fitting apparel instantly, reducing the frustration of seeing too many options, and trying to figure out if the reviews and data they are seeing is relevant.